About Us


We build beauty from the pieces of a broken system by creating jobs reusing and recycling instead of burning, burying and extracting earth’s precious natural resources. 



Unlike fossil fuel derived plastics, glass is endlessly recyclable without loss of quality. Sadly, the thousands of tons of glass that residents and businesses put in recycling bins in Baltimore City is not truly recycled. Instead, our city’s paid recycling processor (Waste Management) chooses to trash all that glass despite strong demand for the material. We are committed to doing better. We collect glass, ensure it is recycled and then use a portion of it to create beautiful objects and works of art.



Our business is youth owned and is run out of a small workshop on land held by the South Baltimore Community Land Trust in Curtis Bay. In order to build a solid foundation for our business, we are looking to partner with local institutions, restaurants, cafes, places of worship and businesses to bring our business to a scale that can support more youth jobs and bring change at scale to our struggling local recycling systems.



We are looking to secure contracts for larger orders of our Baltimore Broken Glass work in order to:

  • Provide your business, organization or household with something handmade, local and beautiful 

  • Scale up the number of jobs for fellow youth we can create 

  • Divert more glass and other materials from our streets, landfills and incinerators through the development of our vision for a Zero Waste Resource Recovery Research, Education and Jobs Center in South Baltimore.

Taysia Thompson

Founder and Owner

Terriq Thompson

Founder and Owner

Maria Grajales

Founder and Owner