Rising, 2021

Inspired by 

Heart, in progress, 2021

the heart is …


“This beautiful bowl catches the light so wonderfully. It’s made from broken glass, yet is soooo tactile, I find myself running my fingers across it idly. It invites it. You can tell so much thought was put into the composition, the curves and curls & color.

Extra bonus was that it was hand delivered & they took some beautiful pictures of it in situ in my own neighborhood.

Lovely way to support a worth community cause & artists.”

Sara Anderson, purchased Web of Life


“So beautiful — a transformation of trash into treasure! Hand delivery by the artists themselves was an extra-special touch. Lucky to have a rare piece!”

Spencer Ellsworth, purchased Egg of Life


“The orb is beautiful, and the purpose behind its creation is so important. I’m not buying a lot these days, but the orb and its story just spoke to me. Thank you, and please keep up your wonderful work on behalf of art, and our community!”

Mary Jo Kirschman, purchased Orb