Building beauty from the pieces of a broken system

Our youth owned zero waste business creates jobs, advances zero waste and provides you with beautiful handmade art by reusing and recycling instead of burning, burying and extracting earth’s precious natural resources. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!  



Step 1

We cleanup glass dumped in our communities and prevent it from being burned or buried  in landfills  or incinerators to help move towards Zero Waste.  

Step 2

We train fellow youth to transform the broken glass into unique hand made artwork at a workshop on community owned land in South Baltimore. 

Step 3 

You help sustain and grow our youth owned business by picking out your favorite handmade works of art from our store. You can also become a monthly sustainer on our Patreon page!

Watch Our Story

We started our business out of a workshop on community owned land made available by the South Baltimore Community Land Trust giving us the amazing gift of creative freedom. We take inspiration from youth in our community who came before us and confronted environmental injustice by building a serious plan to improve conditions in our daily lives. We believe it takes all of us taking ourselves and our potential seriously to rebuild the stable, healthy and beautiful communities we all deserve.